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This is Case Study 5 in our series of grant writing articles highlighting different cases and strategies we at Red Tape Busters have worked on since we commenced business in 2000. This article will focus on how to create some “selling” points when preparing a grant application for a rural based organisation. The skilled grant writer will be able to easily “sell” the project and the need for funding if the organisation is based in a rural or remote area. Rarely if ever are we unsuccessful with a grant submission for a rural or remote organisation.

With this particular organisation they were seeking funding for a youth based training and skills development program. Given most of the youth had left town over the years and the general population numbers were dwindling the organisation felt they did not really have a sound case to pursue funding. Our skilled grant writer however initially worked with the client on their project and worked hard to identify what sorts of training and skills development did the local young people need. To identify this we developed a survey which was sent to all of the people in town seeking their views and input. We then discussed the matter with local community organisations especially those already in some way assisting youth in the region. We then canvassed the local Council and relevant State Government Departments seeking their input.

After an extensive consultation process we identified that the main area for jobs in and around the area was in customer services so we developed a project to train and skill the young people in delivering outstanding customer service and in being able to work in a shop, be part of a team and accept money, use a register and acquit money at the end of the day. We then discussed the project with a number of businesses and gained their support to employ the young people once they completed the training IF funding was provided. We ensured we obtained letters of support from each business.

We then identified the perfect funding program to pursue and our grant writer then set about creating an amazing grant writing story which identified why young people were leaving town, identifying the findings of our research and consultation, detailing the impacts of the drought in the area — the economic impacts, the mental impacts and the massive social impacts and then identified how this project supported the focus of the funding program AND how this project would benefit the young people AND the community. Further we reinforced that employers would employ these young people if they had the right skills and attitude to work hard and deliver outstanding service to their clients. Many businesses did not in fact have a vacancy but came on board because they could see this project was vital to the survival of the community.

Through the fantastic efforts of our grant writer, we were successful in winning $75k in funding for this great project. Another outstanding grant writing success by the team at Red Tape Busters.

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